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The team at Perennial Packaging are committed to offering innovative solutions to ensure all your packaging needs are not only met, but well exceeded.

We do this by providing key points of differences in innovation, quality, and service.

INNOVATION: Our capabilities in innovation delivers quality steel packaging products.

We have developed many innovative ‘first to market’ products to meet customer’s individual needs. Some examples include:

  • DG Approved 2-3L tinplate open head pail with reseal lid and ring
  • DG Approved 4-6L tinplate open head pail with reseal lid and ring
  • 75mm diameter metal screw neck and cap closure
  • Customised dual nozzle fitted reseal lids

We will continue to work closely with our customers to remain innovative, and to keep delivering quality industrial packaging solutions that are practical and relevant.

QUALITY: Our premium quality metal packaging products come with higher technical specifications.

Our products are manufactured with market leading tinplate gauge and quality, enabling us to achieve a higher specification pass on UN Dangerous Goods certification.

For example:

  • Our 20L DG Approved Open Head Pails are manufactured using market leading 0.45mm tinplate gauge, and 7 roll bottom seam, which has allowed us to achieve at least an S.G pass of 1.4 on all our Packaging Group II certified pails and drums.
  • We also use heavier tinplate gauge across our full tinplate packaging range.

Quality Control measures are in place to ensure consistent product quality which is vital in an industry that is highly regulated. All our tinplate packaging products are leak-tested using German engineered pressure testing machines prior to dispatch.

Furthermore, all components (for example: locking rings, bail ears, plastic bails, gaskets) are sourced according to specifications that exceed market standards.

SERVICE: Our main focus is to provide all our customers with reliable supply and personalised service.

Our experienced team at Perennial Packaging is dedicated to delivering solutions to our customers that offer a seamless and smooth transition to market. We offer an approach to service that is personalised and provides value-added results for satisfying your specific packaging requirements.

For both new and custom design packaging products, our team will work closely with you throughout the entire product development process – from design and production, right through to product delivery. Our team is also happy to assist with the branding and promotion, product design and development, project management and artwork and print design, assistance to ensure efficient integration with your supply chain and manufacturing process.

For floor stock items, we guarantee dispatch within 1-2 business days to Sydney metropolitan locations.