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Sustainable Business Practices

As your sustainable packaging partner, Perennial Packaging is committed to providing eco-friendly products with reliable supply for the longevity of our environment, our community and our mutual businesses.

Perennial Packaging’s Sustainability Statement

We are committed to not only keep up with the latest trends in packaging manufacturing, but also to be on the front foot of industry innovations and leverage off our capabilities in sourcing and manufacturing abroad to offer market leading products and packaging solutions.

We pledge to continually invest in R&D, new technologies, and modern machinery, in order to support our customers with fast and efficient product development, integration into their production line and transition to market. As your supply partner we are dedicated to building lasting relationships for our mutual long term growth.

Our manufacturing and production processes are geared to reduce, reuse and recycle in all practical instances within our control, here are a few examples:

  • Reducing raw materials consumption through environmentally-responsible sourcing of materials, reducing wastage and avoiding over packaging with a heavy emphasis on LEAN manufacturing principles;
  • Recycling raw materials where possible, using recycled materials for new product manufacturing, and promoting the endless quality of steel products (see below);
  • Reusing materials where it can not be recycled, to lengthen the lifecyle of the product, and reusing wastage where possible to reduce environmental impact.

Environmentally sustainable packaging products

For users of steel packaging pails, drums and cans, you will be pleased to know that steel, tinplate and its by products are 100% recyclable. This makes steel the most environmentally friendly packaging substrate available today.

Being 100% recyclable, the lifecycle of these materials is potentially endless without compromising on the strength and quality of the product.

Perennial Packaging actively endorses environmental sustainability by participating in and promoting recycling and carbon reduction programs.

How to recycle steel packaging

All types of steel can be recycled, including food tins, bottle tops, paint cans, aerosols and scrap metal.

  • TIP: Recycle food cans by emptying contents and removing food residue, place the lid and any steel bottle tops inside the cans and squish the sides to close. It is not necessary to rinse the can or remove paper labels.
  • TIP: Recycle paint tins by brushing any leftover paint onto newspaper and disposing in the bin. Air dry the tin with any residue paint prior to recycling.
  • TIP: Recycle aerosol cans by first emptying all contents of the can, then remove any plastic nozzle where possible before recycling.

Quick facts about recycling steel packaging

Steel is continuously recyclable which means it can be recycled over and over without compromising its quality.

  • All forms of steel is recyclable.
  • Steel container recycling is on the rise while the rate of recycling for other materials has flatlined.
  • Steel is North America’s most recycled material, it is recycled more than paper, plastic, aluminium and glass combined.