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Perennial Packaging specialises in Steel Packaging products. Our extensive steel packaging product range consists of tinplate Open Head Pails, Closed Head Drums, and General Line Cans including Round cans with Tripletite Closures, Micro Drums and Oval Flasks.

We also supply the full range of closures and fittings for added performance and functionality. To extend your product’s shelf life and for efficient filling, dispensing, and storage of your product, choose from a variety of matching reseal lids, child resistant closures, metal caps, side metal flanges, and plastic pull outs or easy pourers to suit your product packaging requirements.

Our suite of tinplate packaging products are suitable for packaging dangerous goods as well as non-hazardous goods.

We currently service many different industrial and manufacturing sectors as our tinplate pails, drums and cans are suitable for packaging a variety of goods including paints, solvents, chemicals, foods, oils, thinners, adhesives, dry goods, coatings, and many more.

Steel Packaging