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Industrial Packaging Products

Industrial Packaging – Steel Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, and Packaging Labels

Perennial Packaging offers an extensive range of industrial packaging products and services that provide functionality, protection, personalisation and promotional benefits.

The right packaging plays a key role in impressing customers on first visual contact of your product. Not only does your product packaging need to be practical and functional for convenience and ease of use, it also needs to protect your product during transit, and safely store contents from exposure to external conditions.

Furthermore, your packaging can display important usage instructions for health and safety compliance, effectively grab attention with creative design, and has to power to convey your brand image to attract new customers.

At Perennial Packaging, our focus is to supply industrial packaging products that combine quality and innovation to deliver a complete solution to meet your product, branding and technical requirements. Our extensive industrial packaging range consists of Steel Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, and Packaging Labels.

The Steel Packaging range of pails, cans, drums and flasks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with your choice of closures and fittings for easy filling, dispensing and product storage.

In addition to our core product range of Steel Packaging, we also offer Corrugated Cardboard Packaging in the form of corrugated sheets, cardboard trays, boxes and cartons.

If you have a specific requirement in mind, we can assist with customised packaging solutions that are tailored to your desired technical specifications. Our team will work closely with you on product development, and can provide assistance with artwork and branding for printed packaging designs.

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