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Current Market Conditions

The future of the steel packaging industry is evolving at a rapid rate within the Australian market. In recent years, can manufacturers have experienced an increased level of pressure to stay competitive in the market place.

Following the closure of Australia’s only local tinplate steel mill Bluescope Steel in April of 2007, local can manufacturers began sourcing raw materials from South East Asia.

With the exponential rise in the price of steel, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, and the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, Australian can manufacturers needed to adapt to remain competitive and relevant to the needs of their customer base.

Perennial Packaging has emerged as an alternative supplier in the industrial tinplate packaging market in recent years. With its key strength being the ability to handpick best available materials and components, and combine this with manufacturing functions outsourced to top factories in China – the world’s booming manufacturing hub.

Our continuous investment in product innovation enables us to keep abreast of industry trends for continuous growth and sustainability. This is particularly important in a market where manufacturing costs are on the rise and customers are trending towards customised solutions, products and services.

Into the Future

An opportunity exists for companies such as Perennial Packaging with off-shore manufacturing capabilities to provide cost-effective, flexible and forward thinking solutions.

Perennial Packaging’s distribution model enables:

  • advanced manufacturing facilities, systems, processes and machinery located off-shore but managed internally;
  • industry best components and raw materials specifically sourced for market leading product quality; and
  • a unique distribution model to cultivate innovation and remain cost-effective into the future.

As our namesake implies, we’re Perennial – constant and enduring. That’s why Perennial Packaging is proud to say we’re Packaging the Future.