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COVID-safe packaging supplier

Perennial Packaging is an Australian COVID-safe packaging supplier.

Protecting the health and safety of our team, customers and community is our  priority, particularly in this current challenging environment.

That’s why Perennial Packaging has registered with the NSW government as a COVID-safe business.

Since the pandemic first emerged in late December, 2019, we have been closely monitoring the situation both globally and locally to ensure we are prepared to swiftly adapt to any impacts to our supply chain. And we are pleased to inform that Perennial Packaging has been successful in avoiding any delays and negative affects on our customers thus far.

To continue providing the personalised service and packaging excellence that Perennial Packaging are well known for, we have incorporated the following COVID-safe procedures and policies early on during the pandemic:

Staff Business Travel
Interstate and international business travel has been suspended for all staff until further notice.

Visitor Policy
Video calls, phone conferences and electronic forms of communication are encouraged over face to face meetings. Any visitors at our premises will need to pre-approved by Management. All visitors are required to sign a Visitor Declaration and supply their contact details for contact tracing purposes.

Contactless Delivery
Our warehouse and distribution centres are fully operational, with contactless delivery. To maintain a social distance, drivers are required to wait in their vehicle for unloading and unloading of goods. Unfortunately, we will not be making our lunch room or restroom facilities available, but our staff will direct drivers to the nearest public facilities.

Personal Hygiene and Safety

Anyone with cold and flu or Coronavirus symptoms are excluded from our premises. Staff and visitors are supplied with surgical grade masks, antibacterial soap and hand sanitiser to protect themselves and others they may come in contact with while on site. Additionally, hand sanitiser is available in all common areas, entry and exit points within our facilities.

We thank our customers, staff and suppliers for working tirelessly to protect the health and safety of our community. For more information about our COVID-safe practices, please email

Perennial Packaging is COVID-safe