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Single Colour Roller Coating

You may already be aware and benefiting from Perennial Packaging’s printed packaging solutions, such as UV lithographic metal printed packaging pails, cans and drums. But did you know that we also provide single colour roller coated finishing options for our Steel Packaging products?

For those considering printed pails, drums or cans and are unable to commit to a minimum print run, don’t currently have a print design ready and need quick and simple solution, a single colour roller coat option could be just the answer.

Perennial Packaging’s tinplate open head pails, closed head drums, micro drums, round cans, and oval flasks are already come decorated with a standard double coat of white on the outside.

Instead of the standard white, however, you have the option to choose any other colour to match your product line, corporate branding or colour theme. Black, blue, red, purple, orange, green, yellow, and even metallics.

It’s a simple yet cost-effective way of making sure your product will stand out from the crowd, boost your branding, and create recognition amongst your end users.

Single colour roller coating is a decorative finishing option available across the full Steel Packaging range.

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