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NEW: Easy Open Food Cans

The latest innovation in food packaging is now available from Perennial Packaging. Easy open steel food cans come supplied with aluminium ring pull lids to provide the ultimate solution for storing, protecting and transporting food items, dry or powdered goods.

For many Australian food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers, China and the rest of the Asian region remain a lucrative export market due to its close geographical proximity and continued increased growth in consumption.

In addition, recent developments in the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement has opened up opportunities for Australian Food and Beverage manufacturers to export to the world’s largest and fastest consumer of imported food and beverage products.

Popular items for export include frozen foods, fresh fruit, milk powders (including infant formula), processed foods, confectionery and snack products, and condiments. Australian grown or made produce are typically internationally regarded as being of high export standard – offering top nutritional value, freshness and taste.

But did you know that what helps to keep food items in prime condition and of exceptional export quality is the packaging it comes in?

It’s no surprise that food cans are common place in kitchens and pantries all around the world. They have been around since neapolitan war times and are trusted for their ability to protect food and prolong the life of its contents by keeping food items fresh with convenient access, whilst providing tamper evident protection.

And now with the introduction of innovative easy open ends, or otherwise known as ring pull lids, the humble steel food can is more convenient than ever to access, store, protect and transport food products.

These easy open steel food cans are now available from Perennial Packaging. The innovative food packaging cans come supplied with aluminium ring pull lids, providing tamper evident protection with quick and easy access.

They are suitable for packaging pharmaceutical products, food items, milk powder including infant formula and other milk proteins, coffee, tea and other dry and powdered goods.

Perennial Packaging supplies easy open food cans in a variety of sizes with multiple decorative print options for maximum brand impact.

Quick Facts about Perennial Packaging’s Range of Easy Open Cans

  • Available in sizes ranging from 200g to 4000g
  • Easy Open Can specifications are able to be customised to suit your requirements – this means you can choose the combination of height, diameter, and tinplate gauge for a unique packaging can
  • Optional extras include plastic scoop spoons, plastic reseal lids, and decorative print / embossing options to promote your product and brand
  • Suitable for packaging most food items and dry or powdered goods

For more information, visit the Easy Open Cans product page.

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