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Oval Flasks

Perennial Packaging’s heavy duty Tinplate Oval Flasks are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 500ml up to 5L.

Our Tinplate Oval Flasks offer an attractive and ergonomic solution to your product packaging needs.

Flasks are popular for use in edible oils packaging, and are also suitable for industrial applications such as solvents, coatings and paints, water-based liquids, chemicals, and petroleum.

As with our entire industrial steel packaging product range, you have the choice to customise each tinplate oval flask for meeting your exact product requirements. To create an innovative and completely unique industrial packaging solution, you can choose to add your choice of decorative finishes and coatings to market your product range. You can also enhance your packaging solution with a selection of additional closure systems for additional functionality.

With these extra options to choose from, there is a tinplate oval flask to suit all product packaging requirements.

Quick Facts regarding our industrial Tinplate Oval Flasks

  • Choose from the entire range of fittings and closures from Stolz, Trisure, and Reike.
  • UN DG Approved to Packaging Groups III and II.
  • Available in our standard sizes which include – 500ml, 1litre, 2litre, 4litre and 5litre. Other custom sizes are also available.
  • Can be customised towards your exact packaging needs and requirements.
  • Full- colour UV(Ultraviolet) lithographic metal printing options also available.

To find out more information regarding our Tinplate Oval Flasks, please refer to our General Line Cans Product Guide or you can Contact Us today to discuss your packaging requirements in detail.

Oval Flasks
Oval Flask Tin Can